AWS Lightsail LAMP Add Free SSL with Auto-Renewals

If you want to add a free Lets Encrypt auto renew SSL certificate to your Lightsail LAMP server on AWS this article is for you. When we were setting up our server we read the available AWS doc which is misleading and over complicates the process. Here is a quick reference on how to easily accomplish this.


  • You already have configured a Static IP
  • You already have DNS name pointing to your Static IP.
  • You have the AWS LAMP PHP Image. While other server types might work, these commands are specific to bitnami image.

Step 1:

Ignore the AWS Lightsail docs and run the built in bitnami automated tool to get your SSL Certificate and automatically schedule the renewal.


sudo /opt/bitnami/bncert-tool

That’s it.. it really is just that simple, just follow the prompts. If you need the prompts explained in more detail check this article on the bitnami support site.

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